A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition Stock Update!

Hello loyal readers!

Fantasy Flight Games has just updated it’s Game of Thrones splash page from “At the Printers” to “On the Boat”. With only two days left in the month of August we can expect delivery sometime in September.

The core sets are still not available to order but many websites are offering preorders at this time.

The core game will retail for $39.99.



Product Update! The Gen Con 2015 playmats are currently back in stock!

As reported earlier the special edition Game of Thrones LCG Gen Con 2015 demo play mats have been added to the Fantasy Flight Games store but have been listed as OUT OF STOCK… until now!


As of this writing both playmats are currently in stock and able to be ordered. Jump on them quick as no one knows how long they will last. They are $19.95 each plus shipping, check out the links above the images to go directly to the Fantasy Flight Games site.

Tournament of the Handmat_1

New Game of Thrones Playmat Alert!

Two of the Game of Thrones LCG playmats shown at Gen Con 2015 have been added to the Fantasy Flight Games online store. They are currently OUT OF STOCK listed at $19.95 each. The choices are “Knights of the Realm” and “Stormborn”. I suspect the others will be added soon as they were sold at Gen Con.

The two playmats feature artwork from Jacob Murray.